Hi there, I am Paula Hickson and am a proud mommy of two gorgeous boys, Ryan and Brandon and a wife to an extremely supportive and loving husband and have the best family in the world!!
I am also a Children/Family Lifestyle Photographer. My passion for taking pictures exploded when I had my first son and hasn't slowed down since then.HA You can ask my boys and hubby about that!!!
My style of photography is very casual and real. I am not your normal, sit and pose type of photographer. I am an all natural light, on site photographer, meaning your images will be captured at your favorite park, your home etc, or I can also suggest locations for great images. I want to capture you and your children as you are in real life. My portfolio ranges from fun and silly to moody, serious black and whites. I am all about lots of fun, vibrant, funky colors as well, I love it all, as long as it's real moments captured. It's all about "Life, Love and Joy!"You will find a link to my website@ the top of my blog with many images to look thru giving you an idea of my style of photography as well as details you will need to know regarding pricing and such.
Enjoy your sneak peaks and from time to time a little info about the happenings in my life and family.

Paula Hickson Lifestyle Photography

January 12, 2010

They light up my life-

they truly do....everyday with my boys is a gift from God, the best gift I have ever received. They are the reason I wake up every morning and can't wait to kiss all over their sweet little cheeks!!! Even though, it's official, they definitely have "Photographers Child Syndrome," and would rather rake leaves or eat spinach than to smile pretty for momma and her camera, they make my heart skip a beat each and everytime I see them. Thank you Lord for these beautiful blessings.

January 3, 2010

Sweet Baby Nathan!- Magnolia Newborn Photographer

I had the best afternoon today photographing the most precious baby boy and he happens to be my baby cousin....haha It's always such a joy to be able to photograph new little one's in my family!! He has the sweetest little face and already know's exactly who his mommy is....she couldn't get too far away from him or he would let us know real quick!! ha Thanks so much for having me over today...I enjoyed so much talking and laughing with everyone and of course the best part was getting to hold our newest addition to the family!!